The Board of Examiners (BoE) would like to encourage members to take part in the competitions of the BSSG.  Perhaps you make some apparatus for your department which you think is a little unusual or of a particular neatness and are proud of.  This would be the type of work that the Board of Examiners would be looking for from entries in some cases along with the set piece.

Just imagine that Cup or Trophy with your name engraved on it, in your workshop or home for you to keep for a year.  Something to be proud of!  Also, you would receive a framed certificate and a monetary prize.  The prizes for the A D Wood Cup and the Hampshire Trophy are now £100. Should you not win the Cup or Trophy you may well qualify for a Certificate of Merit.  All entries will receive a letter of acknowledgement.

Past winners and indeed all that have entered these BSSG Competition have found the experience has assisted there career development by adding to their CV in a most positive way. In addition their employers have enjoyed the success through increased publicity and staff skills leading to great business opportunities.


This year’s set piece for the AD Wood Cup will be a Float valve

This year’s set piece for the Hampshire Trophy will be a Double bubbler

Click on the links to download images. 

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